C S CONSULTANTS (Scotland) Ltd, 16 Forth Street, Edinburgh EH1 3LH, 0131 550 3708 info@csconsultants.co.uk Bespoke Software Development Because your business provides a unique product or service you may find that an off-the-shelf, standard software package won’t do the things you want it to. You might find that a package does some of what you want, but what about the other functions you need? It could be that these are the functions that differentiate your business from the competition. That’s when you need bespoke software specially developed to meet just your requirements. By investing in tailor made software you will get the maximum benefit for your business. All of your investment in software goes towards functions that you need and none is spent on features that you have no need of. In addition to developing completely new systems we can also take on the amendment and enhancement of existing systems, including some that have been developed using legacy software products. For more information on this please get in touch by phone, email or use the form on the Contact Us page. Development Platform We have experience of many software development tools, but we’ll use the most appropriate ones to develop your solution. Our expertise includes proficiency in: .NET Framework SQL Server Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Access, VBA) Visual Basic Often the client makes the decision on which tools should be used, based on conformance with in- house software development standards. Where we are asked to recommend the software tools, we’ll take account of such factors as numbers of simultaneous users, geographical spread of users and type of network, data volumes and likely growth in the size and use of the system. In some cases a desktop solution may be appropriate initially, but provision needs to be made for future upsizing to client-server architecture when usage and data volumes increase. The need for access to the system from the Internet either by the public or by the client’s staff may also be a factor in the choice of development platform. Your Specification You may already have a specification for your new system and if so we can build the bespoke software from that. If you need a specification to be developed, we can do that and more details are given on the page about our consulting services. Prototyping We firmly believe in the benefits of prototyping during the early stages of development. This stage allows a working model of the final computer system to be built based on the specification. The prototype gives you the opportunity to confirm that the requirements have been correctly and fully defined before the construction of the system starts. It also gives you the opportunity to make changes in the requirements after evaluating the prototype in relation to working methods. Use of a prototype can result in the developed system more closely matching your expectations without the need for time-consuming and unplanned amendments. The prototype may go through several iterations of demonstration to users, gathering of comments, and amendment in the light of these comments, before you agree that construction of the working system may proceed. Implementation A successful software implementation requires a good implementation plan. We will work with you to develop a robust plan that takes account of all relevant factors, such as, availability of hardware and software, conversion of any existing data to use in the new system, training of users, provision of manuals, etc. Support & Maintenance Software developed by C S Consultants can be fully supported and maintained by C S Consultants, or you can opt to take over the systems and support them in-house. The support and maintenance services we offer vary from a software maintenance service, which effectively extends the software warranty from year to year, to an on-call support service for all users of your system. More details of these services are given on the page about our IT support services. The Next Step To discuss the development of bespoke software or the amendment of an existing system, contact us by email at info@csconsultants.co.uk, by telephone on 0131 550 3708 or use the form on the Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you. Custom Software 0131 550 3708 info@csconsultants.co.uk Contact us now for a no-obligation discussion.