C S CONSULTANTS (Scotland) Ltd, 16 Forth Street, Edinburgh EH1 3LH, 0131 550 3708 info@csconsultants.co.uk IT Support 0131 550 3708 info@csconsultants.co.uk We provide full maintenance and support for the systems we develop and we can take on the modification and support of your existing systems. We can offer: On site support Remote support Telephone support helpline Software Warranty & Maintenance We test our bespoke software before we deliver it to you and you have the opportunity to test it before accepting it. However, no software can be guaranteed to be bug-free. Our software maintenance service gives you the peace of mind to know that if you find a bug after the initial acceptance period we will be there to sort it out as quickly as possible. User Support We can provide a service with guaranteed response times to deal with support requests from your computer users. This can be just for the software we have developed for you or can include support for Windows desktop installations, servers and common packages such as Microsoft Office. Please use the links on the left or on the menu bar at the top to find out more about our services or to contact us.