C S CONSULTANTS (Scotland) Ltd, 16 Forth Street, Edinburgh EH1 3LH, 0131 550 3708 info@csconsultants.co.uk Consulting C S Consultants has the skills and experience to carry out a variety of IT consulting assignments. The types of projects that we can undertake include: Feasibility Study Definition of Requirements Project Management Change in Working Practices System Audits There are more details on each these below. Feasibility Study Often clients have identified that a new computer system is required to replace an existing computer system, to replace a manual system or to address new activities. A feasibility study will specify the broad requirements for the new system, generate possible solutions and evaluate each of these in terms of feasibility and viability, resulting in a recommended solution. In carrying out a feasibility study, one of our consultants would interview relevant members of the client's staff, survey the market for suitable hardware and software solutions and produce a structured report for presentation to the client. Definition of Requirements This document would be produced to define in detail the functions that must be performed by a new computer system. It would define as accurately as possible the data to be held in the system, the processes to be carried out by the system and, where appropriate, data entry and display screen layouts and report layouts. The client would use the document to confirm that the consultant has fully understood the requirements of the system before the construction or supply of the system is ordered. The client and the consultant would use the document later to check that the delivered system meets the agreed requirements. Project Management A project manager may be required to provide clients with project management skills to ensure the timely execution of projects, for example, the installation of a new computer system, the conversion of an existing computer system to a new platform, the development of new software, etc. Our consultants have these project management skills and are experienced in delivering complex projects on time and within budget constraints. Change in Working Practices Clients may have established methods of working which, due to organisational change or outside factors, are no longer valid or efficient. A consultant can devise more effective methods of working, construct a plan for their implementation and then go on to implement the changes. In most cases these changes in working practices require the effective design, development and implementation of information technology solutions. System Audits Over time the demands placed on computer systems can change significantly. What started as a small departmental system, perhaps developed by members of the department with an intimate knowledge of the business requirements and processes, may appear suitable for deployment throughout the whole organisation. In some cases only one person at a time may have used the original system, but current requirements demand that many people can use it and share its information at the same time. These changed needs place demands on the system that may not have been envisaged when it was designed. In effect, the small departmental system can become critical to the operation of the business. C S Consultants can provide a system auditing service that clients can use to assess the suitability of a system for deployment throughout their organisation. C S Consultants looks at such factors as performance, ease of maintenance and enhancement, support requirements, the robustness of the system, the methods used to construct the system, etc. The outcome of the audit is a report which describes the system to an agreed level of detail, highlights it strengths and weaknesses, and makes recommendations on whether the expanded use of the system in its present form should be permitted or, if not, what changes should be made. Please contact us to discuss whether we can help with any of your projects. 0131 550 3708 info@csconsultants.co.uk